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We wish the best of luck to Sara Horne with her new album

Saras new album should find way to DR P4 it´s amazing.

Good production,mix by Tomas Næsborg,ground takes and

mastering at Mediasound

Release 23 april



Congratulations to Murduck´s new album Orange Flavour


Murduck is real good danish nurock band with great charisma and great songs out on Airborne Records here in marts

Produced by Peter & Anders at Mediasound,recording,mix ,mastering also here at Mediasound


We wish Jeff Brown ( former The Sweet ) congratulations with his new album

Jeff Brown  will be released ont the Belgium record co, Mausolum Records ,the cd is partly recorded nn

in Germany with theband Warlock as backing and in Media Sound, mix and mastering done here at



New Mastering Facilities

Media Sound has just gotten a special room dedicated to mastering only. We can now offer quality mastering in a perfect environment.

New Web Site


Finally we are ready with our new web site. (Well…Almost, we are still working on the last details). We hope you will enjoy the new site.